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New Hope Web Design

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Do you have  new business or a business without a website ?

You need an affordable small business website.
A website can PROVIDE new hope for your small business
to prosper and succeed in today's world.

Every business and professional needs a website today.          
Your web presence legitimizes your business.
How often do you "google" someone whose services you need?

If you don't presently have a website, it's time to have one now.
Having a website has never been more affordable,
and when you think about it, you can't afford to not have a website.


I can help you decide on a domain name that will be noticed and help you register the name.

I can design a website for you that Google, Yahoo, and the other search engines will notice. SEO


My design approach is very clean, visually pleasing, informative, and user-friendly.  Websites

There are 4 costs in having a website.
Domain name cost, hosting cost, design cost, and upkeep cost.
I can include domain name and hosting costs in my complete website costs or can work with a host and domain you have already paid for.
Design costs are based on the overall design and then are charged after that (depending on simplicity) by page  and / or time.  Upkeep costs are based on update needs and frequency.   FAQ


So why not have an affordable website to represent your business?

New Hope Web Design Line
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New Hope Web Design

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